Woodlanders Slots

Woodlanders Slots is the perfect solution for those who love the forest but are stuck inside. This five-reel, 50-pay line slot from Betsoft is guaranteed to leave you satisfied with wilds, multipliers, mystery symbols, bonus features, and an RTP of 96.06%. The game comes with a woodland fairies theme, with symbols including whimsical fairies. Players will be excited to know they can win up to 3794x their wager, with coin sizes as low as $0.25 and as high as $100.

Woodlanders Magical Symbols Pay Very Generously

Woodlanders Slots features magical symbols that include fairies, mushrooms, flowers, and hazelnut. The highest-paying symbol of the game is the adult blue fairy, followed by the adult red fairy and the blue, blond, and purple baby fairies. Lower paying symbols include the pink mushroom, the green flower, the hazelnut, and the pink flower. The adult blue fairy pays out 100 for three, 280 for four, and 600 for five on a pay line. The adult red fairy pays out 80 for three, 200 for four, and 480 for five on a pay line. The blue, blond, and purple baby fairies pay out 40 for three, 120 for four, and 320 for five on a pay line. The pink mushroom and pink flower symbols pay out 20 for three, 80 for four, and 160 for five on a pay line. Lastly, the green flower and the hazelnut pay 12 for three, 60 for four, and 120 for five on a pay line.

Special Symbols Lead To Larger Wins In Woodlanders Slots

Woodlanders Slots comes with a multitude of special symbols that help wins become bigger and better. The wild symbol acts as most wilds do and takes the place of other symbols, creating winning combos. However, it also can come with a mystery multiplier that can add up to 5x to the win. The interesting thing is more than one wild will add even more to the combination, which can be quite hefty when all is said and done. Another special symbol in Woodlanders Slots is the mystery stacked symbol, which randomly lands during a spin. The scatter symbols of the game can give players 500 coins instantly, as well as lead them to the free spins round.

During the free spins round, players of Woodlanders Slots get to take their chance with ten free spins. The free spins bonus feature comes with sticky multiplier wilds that also give multipliers of up to 5x. While most players wait for the free spins feature to naturally be triggered, those who do not want to wait can buy the feature, which costs 57x a wager.