Instant Play

When you first begin to play online casino games, you'll quickly come to understand there are several different types of online casinos and different types of formats they use. Some online casinos require their players to download software and install it on their computer.

Instant Play casinos, like 24Pokies Casino, are now allowing players to skip the downloading and try out the no-download format when playing their favorite online casino games. With Instant Play casinos, players can access the games quickly and directly through their browser. They don't require the hardware space or speed that the traditional download formats require, which is a benefit to many players.

Benefits Of Instant Play Casinos

When players can take advantage of Instant Play at 24Pokies Casino, they can play their casino games from many more locations. For example, if they had to download the casino's software, they'd be limited to play only on computers the software was installed upon. However, with Instant Play, they can play from any computer with a browser.

Since most Instant Play casinos operate via Flash, they offer high definition. This can help the player enjoy their gaming experience even more.

A major advantage to using Instant Play casinos is that they work on almost any computer. Thus, they are made to be accessed on any type of operating system. Whether your computer operates under Windows or Mac, an Instant Play casino should work flawlessly, without a player needing extra downloads to make it happen.

Know the Basics: A Flash Casino Explained

Adobe Flash was created to aid in the development of interactive animations for video games and online apps for mobile devices and computers. Flash and HTML5 are the two software platforms you'll see required in instant play casinos.

A Flash casino contains games created using Adobe Flash. The games load quickly, have fantastic graphics, and include the interactive functions that allow you to place wagers, spin the reel, gamble your winnings on slot games with the double-up bonus feature, etc.

When it comes to Flash casino vs. download casino options, many players prefer Flash casinos as there is no software to install. You're not downloading the free casino software and taking up memory. Flash and other Adobe programs are often already installed on computer systems.

To compare a Flash casino vs. mobile casino, there is one thing to consider. How does the casino work? Some mobile casinos require the installation of an online casino app. If you're accessing a casino through the mobile device's browser, you're playing in the instant play (Flash or HTML5) casino.

Tips for Verifying You Have the Necessary Software

Whether you're playing on PC or Mac, the instant play casino is going to prompt you after you log in and access the online casino lobby. As the games require Flash from software developer Adobe, you may need to change one security setting.

When it prompts you to allow to run Adobe, make sure you change that setting to "Ask First" or "Always Run." If you set it to block the casino from running Adobe Flash or if you're using Chrome, the game is not going to load. Chrome's updates have recently been blocking Adobe Flash automatically, so expect to run into this issue.

Should you have problems, casino help is available 24/7 via live chat. It's a handy way to get the help you need if you're having a hard time.

There Are Hundreds of Games to Play Online

One of the reasons so many love 24 Pokies Online is the range of games. Casino software companies like Aristocrat, Betsoft, Microgaming, and many others provide the games. With more than 600 online casino games available, you can't run out of games to play.

The casino has popular Flash slots themes like underwater slots, Cleopatra/Ancient Egypt slots, animal slots, fantasy slots, and many others. There are gemstone slots like Starburst and new slots like Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe.

Top Flash slots are easy to find. Look for the heading "Hot Games" and find all of the top Flash slot games in there. That category also makes it easy to find new slots as the newer games tend to draw a lot of attention and quickly make their way to the top of the Hot Games" list.

How Do You Open an Account?

Are you wondering how to open an account? It's so easy. It takes no more than a couple of minutes. Click on the button that says "Login." If you're in a country allowed to play at 24 Pokies Online Casino, you'll be able to register.

Pick a preferred username and password, fill in the form that covers your mailing address, name, phone contacts, and email. Submit that and log in. You'll be able to access the cashier, the casino games, and the promotions instantly. Join the casino today and play your favorite slots instantly.